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Antony Fanshawe



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I am a chartered accountant, and I have an MBA from the University of Bath. I am also a serial owner manager. I sold my first business, Fanshawe Lofts, to a national firm in 2008, and started FPN with my business partner, Rosemary Penn-Newman at the beginning of 2013. So I am able, from experience, to empathise with the fear of failure, the pain, and the joy that come with owning and running one’s own business.

I trained as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse (as it was then), qualifying in 1980. I moved into their Corporate Recovery department a year later after a spell in pre Mubarak Egypt.

I became a licensed insolvency practitioner in 1987, and left Price Waterhouse in 1990 to found my own firm, Fanshawe Lofts which offered Corporate Finance and Corporate Recovery services. This traded very successfully for 18 years and became a lynch pin firm in the Solent market, but in view of the market outlook after the credit crunch (poor on both sides of our business, as it happened) we (that is Rosemary and I) decided to sell the business in 2008 to a national firm who were keen to expand into our home market place.

I did a part time MBA at the University of Bath, graduating in 2002, and served for 12 years as a council member for R3 (the Association of Business Recovery Professionals). In that capacity I was an early advocate of the emerging profession of Turnaround in the guise (then) of the Society for Turnaround Professionals (STP) whose applicants I used to interview. This has now become the Institute for Turnaround with which I maintain close links.

I established FPN at the beginning of 2013 with my corporate finance partner from the Fanshawe Lofts days, Rosemary Penn-Newman.

In addition to my strategic advisory roles I also act as an expert witness in litigation matters where a combination of accountancy and insolvency expertise is required, and I am called upon to give a view on litigation strategies with my commercial hat on.

Aside from eating (obviously) I enjoy sailing, old cars, dogs, London, a lot of Italian things including selected parts of Italy and the company of my wife and children.