Restructuring & Insolvency Services



We are interested in corporate restructuring with a view to getting the best result for the stakeholders who have an economic interest in the business.

In this field the terminology is difficult. One man’s restructuring is another man’s administration.

For us though the focus is on restructuring sources of finance, the ownership structure, business organisations and balance sheets. We come to the problems of businesses facing financial challenges as accountants and business people who are doing their best to find a financial solution using our accounting corporate finance and corporate recovery skill bases.

We pioneered this multi -disciplinary approach through the 90’s and noughties.  We hired turnaround personnel and interim finance directors. We were ahead of the curve then but we now think that our time has come.

We work with directors, interim managers, corporate recovery officers and insolvency practitioners (often in a corporate finance capacity, marketing the business for sale) with one aim; to get the best deal for the stakeholders who have a economic interest in the outcome whether shareholders, creditors or staff.

We are chartered accountants. We have MBA’s. We have Corporate Finance qualifications, we have extensive insolvency and restructuring experience and we provide expert advice in high profile cases. So you see, there’s not much we can’t do.

I have worked with Antony and Rosemary for over 10 years on a range of projects from expert witness to structured fund raising. Their advice and support has enabled several management teams to complete MBOs of orphan companies during parent company restructuring. I found their approach to be professional, timely and innovative.
Restructuring & Insolvency Services

Stephen Bracegirdle

Chief Restructuring Officer, Delcycer Limited



Antony Fanshawe is one of the best known names in the insolvency world on the South Coast. At Fanshawe Lofts he built up one of the best known local insolvency and restructuring brands over a period of 18 years.

Over twenty years ago we  pioneered a dual disciplinary; corporate finance/insolvency approach to dealing with troubled companies for the benefit of the stakeholders. We still take this approach now because we believe that it can give the best outcome for creditors when combined with some smart restructuring work.

Our approach to insolvency is to work out the deal first, and secondly think about what if any insolvency process is appropriate to make the deal work. So, while we offer all the standard insolvency products; administration, liquidation, voluntary arrangements we view these processes as just part of the tool kit that enables the deal to happen.

In addition to conventional insolvency work Antony is also regarded for his litigation advisory and expert witness work where he advises independently  on the merits and the quantum of claims arising out of insolvency processes. This work involves a deep understanding of those processes and the law and practice that surrounds them, and has to be performed to a very high standard in order that the Court can be advised with confidence.  This work in turn informs his approach to insolvency work.



Antony Fanshawe is licensed to act as an insolvency practitioner in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Should you have any complaints about our service we will do our best to deal with them  internally but in the event that you are not satisfied you are able to complain to the regulator via the governments portal at FPN has Professional Indemnity Insurance from Travelers Insurance Company Limited, 61-63 London Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1NA. This policy excludes claims instituted or pursued or enforced  in the USA or Canada.

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Restructuring & Insolvency Services

Matt Barker

Partner, Trethowans

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