Forensic & Expert Witness Services


 The job of an expert witness is to answer impossible questions on incomplete data and give a clear and well-reasoned account to the Court. This requires accounting skills combined with a considerable degree of professional judgement derived from experience of the legal “territory” being discussed, plus the ability to stand up in court and stand by your work. 

We have been involved in some twenty such cases since the turn of the century.

This is work we have done alongside our more normal corporate finance and recovery roles, but calling on those skills, and that experience to inform our opinions.

Most of our work is insolvency related although we also do business valuation work, primarily in divorce cases.

The role has changed over the years. We now tend to be brought in as advisers to one of the parties to the litigation to bring a commercial perspective to what is otherwise a legal debate and help frame and focus the nature of the argument, and assist in negotiations and mediations. This may in due course turn into a more conventional expert role if the matter progresses to court.

We were recently involved in a substantial claim by a Liquidator against former directors for misfeasance and other heads of claim which required expert input from an accountant who ideally also held an insolvency licence. He was needed to advise on the losses caused by the directors activities. We were recommended to instruct Antony Fanshawe of FPN and he subsequently provided an excellent in depth report. Furthermore he later attended successful settlement negotiations. In fact, it was his clear understanding of the figures and his ability to clearly explain his loss calculations and methodology that persuaded the opponents to settle before trial. We have since retained Antony to advise on another two matters of substance (one of which is not insolvency related) and in both cases we have received plaudits from both the clients and senior counsel in relation to his work and in particular his grasp of the complex issues.
Forensic & Expert Witness Services

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Bringing a commercial perspective to legal debates